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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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they're making headlines at 5. two people are killed after
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flames rip through a vacant home. >> and a new study said d.c. has the worst traffic in the nation. >> and baltimore ravens fans pant the town purple as the team and all the fans celebrate a big super bowl win. i'm shawn thomas -- will thomas. >> i'm shawn yancy. two people killed in an early morning house fire. the flames broke out at a boarded up rowhome. the victims were found inside what was supposed to be a vacant house. matt ackland is live with the latest. matt? >> reporter: this is a big fire. firefighters say they could see the smoke and fire acro the river. once they got here, the first order of business was to put out the flames. witness they did that, then they could go inside the home, where they made the tragic discovery. two people dead inside, one was close to the front door this video tells a story, a fast- moving fire ripped through a n the area. ripped through a >> reporter: janice harkin lives nearby. she walked home quickly when she heard about the blaze fearing it was her place. >> i got a call to come home, that my apartment building was on fire. it was the next one when i got here. still, it's scary. very scary. >> reporter: ladonna mohammad was surprised when we told her that two were found dead inside and said it was sealed off for a3 úte inty-precioanthdens wne. 3 ate owwaer is hit bring ingmar guandique to a hearing shrouded in mystery after the judge sealed two bench conferences he held in december and january. what we know from that record is the judge sealed the conversations for safety reasons. after prosecutors came forward with some new information. it's not usual for a judge to hold a post conviction hearing any number of things could ersuede a judge to do it. >> motion for a new trial. disc that affected the council. they're generally the
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categories defends get post verdict. >> reporter: in guandique's case, we know this. the prosecutors alerted the judge to a prosecution witness, an issue sensitive enough the judge ordered the record sealed. >> if both parties consented easy, and if i objected to it and lost and that is one getting what they. >> reporter: what is on the public record indicates the judge sealed it for safety reasons. he was convicted in november of 2010 for killing chandra leavy on a wooded slope and one of the key witnesses was armando morales, a convicted felon and former gang member who said guandique confessed to him in prison and it's unclear if morales is the witness in question. the case made international news in 2001 when it was
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revealed she was dating a married congressman and he has never been charged. in addition to thursday's hearing, the judge is going to hold with guandique in the courtroom, there will be a hearing tomorrow afternoon in d.c. superior court because the news media filed a motion asking the bench conferences be unsealed so we can see what is inside them. we understand the judge did say he didn't think the conversations would be sealed forever but that they could be sealed in the future and that is a hearing tomorrow to determine whether or not he would unseal the records. >> and we were all covering the trial so much and if you have been in washington long enough, this captured the headlines for a long period of time and a, this is significant.
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b, is there any thought that this conviction could be overturned and there is a retrial? >> it's up to the judge at this point. the defense is not filed a motion for an appeal and that is, that has been hill up until the issues can be dealt with here. if the judge feels there is enough evidence to overturn the conviction, he could and order a retrial. what is significant is guandique will be in the courtroom on thursday. i don't think the judge would bring him from alabama in a federal prison and not hold a significant hearing or make a ruling as to what that is that is going on here. >> paul wagner, thank you. >> sure. and moving on now, a swim coach known for traying olympic gold medalists will plead guilty to child sex abuse charles. rick curl was first charged in october after former student
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kelly davies told police that he began abusing her back in 1983. a hearing is scheduled for february 21st in a montgomery county circuit court. the 63-year-old could face up to 15 years in prison. >> a high school student is charged with raping another student. the 17-year-old jones will be charged as an adult and that reported victim is 13. the girl apparently told her parents what happened and they called police. jones was arrested at school. >> and al,andrea police charged a 10-year-old boy with brandishing a weapon even though it was a fake and basically, police say he was displaying the gun in a aggressive manner. and that gun was a toy but police say he pulled it out of the bag on his bus and officers found it in his bag at school the. d.c. police are asking for
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your help finding a little girl. she is six years old and she was last seen this past thursday on, street in northeast. the police say she may be with a non-custodial parent and they may have left d.c. she was last seen wearing purple pants, a purple jacket and silver boots. the grandmother of a five- year-old boy held hostage for a week in alabama since her -- said her grandson is physically okay but worries about the emotional impact of the ordeal and that standoff ended yesterday. the 65-year-old captor was shot and killed. the head of the school district said everyone is euphoric, including the fbi agents who played a critical role in saving the little boy. >> we're all put on this earth for a reason. what was so refreshing after it was said and done, those fbi agents that were heavily involved in this process, to see their emotion because their fathers --y that fathers also,
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they're mothers also, and the tears of joy, the tears of celebration last night that they had. >> the five-year-old boy only identified as ethan was snatched off of the school bus a week ago today after the man who took him shot and killed the bus driver. it was just -- [ indiscernible ] >> oh! >> we are following this developing story on u.s. olympic skier lindsay vonn. she was airlifted to a hospital in austria after crashing on a course of the world championships today. the doctors say she tore the ligaments in her right knee and broke a bone in her leg and she will be out for the season. the crash happened after she lost her balance, as you saw, and she landed a jump on the super g course. >> also, lance armstrong won't be prosecuted for doping and
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follows his admission last month. the attorney overseeing the federal investigation is well- aware of the statements that armstrong made; however, that doesn't change his view at this time. changing pace now and something to smile about for the second time of the charm city is the center of the nfl universe. the part after the ravens second super bowl title continued with a parade downtown and sports director scott smith is here with all of the partying in downtown baltimore. >> reporter: the fact it was a tuesday morning appeared to have little bearing on today's parade turnout and that is funny. the owner anticipated 30,000 fans showing up and lindsay member offy has been hanging out all day. a few more than 30,000 ravens fans were on hand? >> i would say probably three times the amount and things settled down an hour ago here and it did take us about four hours to get here to show you
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how proud that baltimore is of the super bowl-winning ravens. the players said that is the most people they have seen there and not only the seats were filled but full of fans and more than those that came out in 2,000. and they were on to the fans tricks. >> it's crazy out there and that is pretty cool. >> i don't think anyone went to work. baltimore shut down and somebody probably died. >> reporter: ravens nation celebrated their super bowl champion team from city hall to russell street, the parade of players and coaches literally shut the city down and that traffic so bad, the players arrive late to their own party. >> and you imagine how it's going to be like and that is grader than that to come home
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and that is nothing to celebrate. >> the stadium was unbelievable and there is so much support and example. >> i have never seen anything like it. i don't know if anyone has. you have seen anything like this before? this is phenomenal. we have pictures of people scaling the outside of the stadium walls and trying to get into the second willful, the -- willful, the concourse after they locked the stadium up. >> reporter: the parade ended at mmt bank stadium with people had to be turned away because it reached capacity. more than 71,000 fans taped the free celebration to welcome the team home from new orleans and get a glimpse of the new hardware. >> awesome. it's powerful, electrifying in this place now. >> it's awesome. the best feeling ever and never thought i would be here today. >> i am so proud emotional. i cry talking about it. >> reporter: it was smiles for this group, which included super bowl mvp joe flacco and legend airy linebacker ray lewis, who celebrated the final dance with his famous dance
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that is all i got for you. i will leave the rest for ray lewis. we'll have more later at 6. >> very nice. and our own lindsay murphy doing the squirrel perhaps the last hour and have a safe trip back. >> lindsay with the moves back there. >> you have to do that for us in the studio. >> we'll make you. >> yeah. coming up, a brand-new study shows that men might be lowering their sperm count by doing too much of a certain activity. dr. oz joining us live with the details. >> pluses are a football coach is suspended for making comments about michelle obama's weight. >> and if you think d.c. has it bad when it comes to traffic, you know, you're right. we're going to tell you where the district falls on the list
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of the worst traffic congestion in the nation. gary. >> and a lot of clouds today. we see a few snow flurries on radar. will that amount to anything? next. 
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if you drive d.c. roads, you know it can be a nightmare. an annual sorry have a proves it, putting d.c. at the very top of the list and fox 5s john henrehan has the latest.
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>> reporter: jacqueline gil, an analyst who commutes about 14 miles every morning from fall's church to d.c., knows about slow rush hour traffic. >> without traffic, 30 minutes with traffic probably an hour and hour and 15 minutes. >> and on a bad day? >> an hour and a half. >> how often does that happen? >> ness with a month. >> reporter: once again, researchers at texas a&m have crunched the numbers nationally and concluded the d.c. area has the most congestion in the. among the highlights in the report, on average, motorists here lose much is hours a year because of slow traffic, costing the average regional commuter an extra $1,400 a year. both figures are significantly ahead of the time and costs of the next slowest regions, l.a., san francisco, and new york. freeway travel is inreliable in
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the d.c. area and we produce more carbon dioxide emissions per commuter than any other american city. is there hope for our future? maybe in virginiava, said aaa's lon anderson. >> and they're working on express lanes. when they connect to the capitol beltway they have built through tyson's corner and springfield, we might see us lose the number one status. >> reporter: ron kirby, who studies traffic at the metropolitan washington council of governments s not particularly optimistic about cutting local congestion. >> and a lot of the problem is outside the beltway. relatively little investment and the road capacity or transit for that matter. so, we're not keeping up with the growth. >> reporter: and that was john henrehan reporting. the region is expected to grow both in terms of jobs and population in the coming
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decades. that videova house has passed -- that videova house passed ab an a mended version of the major transportation reform package and, eliminates the $100 fee on all hybrid car purchases and requires legislative approval of interstate tolling and keeps other major features of mcdonald's $3.1 billion, five- year plan, including a sales tax increase. >> it was not too bad outside. >> if you don't mean a little cloud. not that it was snow we were shoveling. >> and it was not 20 degrees. >> true. >> and what can we expect? >> and you will like tomorrow and that sunshine is coming back and a good day tomorrow and this evening, no big
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dealing and sentinel radar is going around and around and some flurries, a couple of flakes here and there and in in terms of where it's from, that is from the west to the north- northeast and everything is very, very light. anything that is touching the ground is up along interstate 11 there and northern sections of montgomery county and over into frederick county and into i-70 there and there is no big deal with the snowflakes and we're not talking about anything in the way of accumulation and that is looks like snow to the back of us and
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that -- expecting that into the mid-40s and as well. the temperature right now in this city is 40 and a full look at the forecast, seven days worth and that does show a bit of a warming trend, will. we'll have that coming. >> wednesday's sowing good, gary. see you soon. still ahead, twitter, "the new york times" and department of energy? hackers hit all three the past week. a cybersecurity expert joins us with things to protect yourself. >> and plus, a major computer maker and this is going private. more about this landmark deal. we gotta sell the car.
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(mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. . how about this for a headline? dell is going private. a deal that allows the believe about air -- bottom air chief executory vive the company without wall street influence. the founder and group of investors, including microsoft, by the william
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way, will buy and sell for 24.4 ms. the big of the deal of its kind since the recession and this means dell will no logger be a publicly traded company. shareholders will get more than $13 a share for their stock. an alert now about cyber security. the past week, hackers targeted the department of energy, new york times and twitter. michael kaiser is executive director. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> and with ther, the times, and the department of energy? most of us would assume they have some stop cybersecurity measures in place. if hackers can get to them, how secure are we regular people? >> the hackers are going where the information and they're going after top targets like government and big industry. home users and small businesses need to play a proactive role and need to protect themselves against the things they can and obviously, if china's coming after you, that serious and they're going to -- and into
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dosome simple things and make sure your software is up to date and that that is free from infect. be careful of what you post online and be careful with e- mail and throw it out and that is a major attack and that is in the new york times and that is in through the fishing e- mails -- phishing e-mails. >> and a lot of people are receiving e-mail that appears to come from their friends and they didn't really send it. how do we prevent that from happen something. >> and that is hard to prevent. you have to look at this and say is this something my friend would send? since they're your friend, the easier response, pick up the phone and call them. hey, did you send me the e mail about the party to verify it? and sometimes it's hard to tell that bad guys are getting smarter and smarter and use social engineering.
5:26 pm
they sunday us e-mails testing to click on and man it's against your better interest. >> and we hear about the hackers. are they from other countries? >> i think a lot of them are from here and you see cyberattacks happen in three weeks. you have china, suber criminals stealing personal inform from crime gags and then you have hacktavists, people trying to foster attacks across the people they disagree with and they come from a variety of places. >> michael ice canner, very interesting and thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. and as the 5 continues, a new study show yous when men do too much of a certain activity, they risk lowering their sperm count. dr. oz joins us live to help us sort this one out. >> and a high school football coach pays the price for his controversial comments about the first lady's appearance.
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>> and if you can't beat them, join them, right? new jersey governor pokes fun at his way -- weight on late night tv. here you go little man.
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. welcome back. this is the news that may make men drop the remotes and hit the gym. researchers at harvard say watching too much tv is linked to lower sperm counts in men and men who can exercise more have a higher sperm count than those who don't. dr. oz joining us live from new york city. good to you have with us? >> finally evidence. >> look, based on the study, can guys fallling into the category of not exercising a lot, being, say, couch potatoes increase the sperm count if they try to make changes and get to the gym? >> it shouldn't make a difference to get up and move
5:31 pm
around. the study is small and men who can are not active and watching tv is a good way of not being active and had some lower sperm counts. people had a lot of activity. i am talking 12 hours a week and they had higher sperm counts and that re-enforces the concept if you have activity in your life, you build up the hormones you need to make sure you have the best of everything in your life. >> and that is not about watching tv per say and that is the idea of not being static or games, being infro the of the computer all day and night? >> and that is about being sedentary. people who sit and work, their life expectancy drops by 11%. >> wow. >> and that is a important reality that many of us don't wake up to and we're designed to move around. if you're watching television, fine. do it on a stationary bike, fidget. that is what we're supposed to do to keep moving. >> and that is good advice. topic two, getting the flat
5:32 pm
stomach as we transition into the warmer earth and -- weather. you can't hide behind the jackets anymore and talk about your flat belly plan and how you joined forces with three other people to beat that belly fat? >> i am proud to show it. it aired a few moments ago and you got all of the information on dr.oz-- i teamed up with three world experts making folks realize they can shrink the bad fat, the dangerous fat and you look bet or the beach if you have less belly fat. the three, my partners and myself we teamed up and have plenty of tips. eat money onp saturated fats with olive oil in them,a-of-o caughto, the like at your main meal, everything you can. they wink the stuff inside your body causing the inflaming a. less inflaming a is less fat. they're not coping with stress well, eating the right foots
5:33 pm
helps you keep with stress and keeling with stress in life as well. >> and you talked about the next one on your show as l. the controversial hcg shot, a shot given to people to help with weight loss. you have had doubts about whether that keeps the weight off, right? >> this is a controversial idea. we're doing a big program on it tomorrow and in part because the idea needs to be spread throughout the nation. there are opportunities out there for massive weight loss. styles there are good ideas and sometimes we're not sure. for the hcc -- hgcg, you take a hormone used by the placenta and allow it to use on women not pregnant. and they reduce the appetite and the number of calories you have to eat. you mobilize fat from the hips and other stores. the concept is a strong one and the reason it's controversial, it's difficult to prove it works and there is some new data.
5:34 pm
the audience full of women who lost 30 pounds a month on the program. i want the fireworks to start tomorrow afternoon. >> all right, and that is a clear point. i know you can't see me, but i'm doing squats in the studio. >> i'm proud of you. >> we want to tell folks your show airs week days at 4:00 on fox 5. dr. oz, as all, thank you for joining us. >> that was good, will. >> thank you. >> new jersey's governor is often the jokes of his size of the last night, he was a good sport about it. >> i made jokes about you, not just one or two, ongoing here and there and intermittent, but -- [ laughter ] >> oh. [ laughter ] >> i --o didn't know this was going to be this long. >> it didn't stop there.
5:35 pm
he told david letterman he is fine with the jabs about his weight as long as they're funny. his blood pressure and cholesterol are at normal levels. >> and that is funny. this one not so much. an alabama high school psychology teacher who is the head football coach is in trouble for comments he made about our first lady michelle obama. a student and his -- in the class made an audio recording of the teacher. here's a portion. >> tell us, like -- [ indiscernible ] or something. you know. fat butt, michelle obama. and look at that she looks 185 issue 190 and she's overweight. >> the coach is suspended for 10 days for the comments and some other comments homophobic and he spoke. the teacher is barred from the class the rest of the school year to tannedness is tist training. and coming up tonight, an historic gay marriage vote across the pond. find out when kate middleton
5:36 pm
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time for some royals talk now. kate middleton will make the second official appearance ance legalize same-sex marriage. in the first in the first voted 400-175 in favor of the legislation. the bill has to go through more detailed parliamentary debates and a vote in the house of lords. if it does become law, the bill would unable same-sex couples to get ready in civil and voec
5:40 pm
religious ceremonies. re and it's that time of the week. coming up, we have a special valentine's day edition of laura's likes. >> and more trouble from singer chris brown. why prosecutors want to revoke his probation. >> and sunshine's in the forecast. we'll tell you when. we'll be right back.   this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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welcome back, everyone. it's tuesday and time for laura to share her latest likes and she's here with a valentine's day edition. >> it's a valentine's day edition and get some flowers and chocolates, the obvious gifts. i like the unobvious and can you get different things. >> yeah. >> and i have three products that were each created by a local entrepreneur. >> very cool. >> and these are pretty, pretty cool and start with the oomba box. i was corrected today.
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oombas the swahili word for too create, and umba box is a monthly package of two to three handmade goods like jewelry, hand goods, bath products and stationary. they're curated, from etsy, the world's most vibrant handmade mart place n. this box, we received a photo book with a melting tab, a belgian hot pop and unique gift tabs. you can buy them for $25 from month-to-month or a 3 to 12- month subscription. the more you buy, the greater the discount, and each box includes stories about the artists, most here in the u.s. the d.c. woman behind this said that she was planning her wedding trying to find beautiful handmade touches for the big day when she came up with the business idea she launched in october of 2011, and has been overwhelmed by the growth. she's offering a 25% discount for our viewers. you will find more information on and this is a very different and beautiful
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gift. again, ever try knockout? i love this stuff and this is a local company starting with underwear and they have a line of night wear. i call it lingerie with a purpose other than being cute and sexy. the point is in the fabric and it's supema cotton that is soft and breathable and this keeps you dry. great for women experiencing night sweats, comfortable and keeps the moisture away from your body. >> whether you're pregnant or going through any keen of hormonal change, that time of the month or into menopause, women have erratic bodies. they disappear and you wake up. >> she's the creator of this and this is not just for women, by the way. they have men's t-shirts and boxers. if you don't sweat, i promise you will love it.
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it's comfortable and easy to wash, dryer safe and made in the usa. there is something for every body type from extra small to plus sizes, these are premium products and this is a pamper yourself or loved one gift and prices ralph from $tweet to $94. from the lace and rough and tumble enter the man pack. not a purse or backpack but a man pack. the guy who created it is out of front royal, virginia and he needed to carry lots of stuff. and he was losing everything. a backpack was too big and bulky. the bags he liked were on the market and too expensive. he created the man pack. can you carry an ipad in it and other work items that double as a diaper bag, school bag, travel back. -- bag, durable and stylish. most importantly here, it doesn't look like a purse. they come in three colors and they're on sale for $39.99
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each. again, man and this is cool. i like it. >> and i like that he's local. >> yeah. >> and all three are local. >> way to come up with ideas. >> exactly. >> and there is no flowers. >> exactly. >> thank you, laura. and we're going to witch over to talk about the weather. >> yeah. >> and what is not to like? >> gary? >> and -- gary? >> staying local. >> and this is a mixed bag. talking about a warm-up. i am cheating and looking at your forecast and some flakes. >> right. >> and i think that you have to think big picture to see the warm-up here. >> okay. >> and tomorrow is good and we're back up to normal. that is the only sunshine in all day and some sun and that is nice. makes for a beautiful, beautiful sunset and that is a
5:48 pm
forecast, cloudy and cool and some tells into the upper to mid-30s and we not talking about accumulation and when i say a few flakes, that is some flakes across and that is on the radar in just a second. forty in town; 37, gaithersburg; 47, fredericksburg and culpepper and if you keep going farther down to the southwest, to harrisonburg, temperatures are close to 50 and that is some nice stuff to the south- southwest of us and, of course, we have been stuck here in the lower 40s and tomorrow looks good. lots of sunshine and we start off with some clouds and we will progress into some nice sunshine and that is temperature to 45 degrees. the warmer temperatures, the comfortable stuff is not too far away. st. louis, 56; nashville, 63
5:49 pm
and little rock is 64 and that is real comfortable down here. del reeseo -- rio, texas, 80 and warm there. the coldest of the stuff is around the northeast here and this is not super cold air and we're not talking arctic air but that is where this is the last few days and we see the pattern that is going to bring the mild air in and were hoping yesterday that maybe we would be close to 50 on saturday and that is looking like things are changing and that is going to be on the cool side for saturday and into sunday and monday and tuesday and when i see a few flakes and
5:50 pm
thadrifting to the southeast and this is closer to us and not making it across the mountain and some spotty flakes -- flakes in the overnight and clouds and the temperature in town, 32 and we will stat off with morning clouds and with that sunshine. you have to look at the whole of it to see the warming trend. sunday, 51; monday, 55 and tuesday, 54.
5:51 pm
>> definitely a glass is half full guy today. >> how would you want me to be? >> is and i am with you. >> thank you. the talk of the town on tmz. chris brown accused of violating probation by possibly faking his community service and that is related to the rihanna assault and his conviction of that. he wouldn't above that. officials might believe that some could be bogus? what is the deal? >> we broke this on the website this morning and we got hold of documents and it's shocking. they're alleging that hephonied his community service. it was sloppy paperwork or
5:52 pm
fraudulent and there are time when is he said he was mopping floors and he was on a private jet to cancun and out of the country in certain cases and his 34078 used to be the director of the children's center. the d.a. is saying that it was his own mother vouching for the fact he was doing this and the d.a. said there is no evidence of that. >> and to some allegations that the chief of police in richmond may have played a role in this? >> and there of a prior relationship between a police chief and not clear if it was this one and chris brown. the otherthy, will, that is important here is that the d.a. alleges chris's own lawyer, mark gerigos, who asked the judge to let him do the service in richmond rather than in
5:53 pm
l.a., he was instructing people how to answer questions that the investigators had when they smelled that something might be wrong with his probation and this is weird. the d.a. is asking his probation be violated and that he redo all of that time in los angeles and this judge could revoke his probation. >> this is sonning messier by the minute and harvey levine, as all, thanks for weighing in. an arkansas couple who went on a fishing trip did not catch the big one. but they definitely came home with a big prize. two winning lottery tickets and they but the tickets from the convenient store. and turns out that both were
5:54 pm
winning tickets and both win for 1 ms. and the other per $50,000 they plan to pay off their bills and invest in their too. and new on the new edge, and the president has have a right to target an american citizens for death without review by the courts? the controversial story ahead at 6. >> and the pentagon takes a stance in support of same-sex marriage. just ahead on the news edge at 6.  dinner's ready.
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a jury is deciding the fate of a baltimore man accused of killing a teenager. felicia barns disappeared in 2010 while visiting relatives during a trip from north carolina. months later, her body was found in the susquehanna river. michael johnson is accused in her death. he raped her inside the apartment, killed her and ditched the body in the river. no one saw him do it and there was no motive for the crime.
5:58 pm
a judge denied zimmerman's request to have more time to prepare for his upcoming murder trial. where's accused of killing treyvon martin. he claims he shot the 17-year- old in self-defense and the trial benins -- begins in four months. today would have been his 15th -- 18th birthday. a general went on a joy ride this weekend when she decided to go see her dad. she took her mom's bmw while she was sleeping and hit the road. well, the little girl doesn't make it far and made it about a mile from home and ended up crashing into soram -- several cars. i stepped behind the tree and she hit the curb here and took off and i was looking at her. i was like stop, stop, stop. >> and thankfully no one was
5:59 pm
hurt and she did get to see her dad. he came to pick her up and took her back home and probably gave her a lesson never do that again, yong lady. >> and how does a six-year-old know how to turn it on, you know? >> and never surprise what kids pick up on. >> yeah. >> and leave the keys alone, right? >> absolutely. all right, thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. we begin with a deal from the president. he presented a short-term budget plan to congress as the there the of massive automatic spending cuts inches closer. the so-called southwest rage cuts could cause layoffs and furloughs. fox 5s tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: the one thing both sides agree on in this situation is that time is short. if democrats and republicans can not come up with a short- term


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